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Web Hosting 101: Find Out What is Best For Your Needs

Are you thinking of creating a new website? At this day and age, whether you are a personal blogger or an ecommerce website owner, you need a website to reach out to potential readers and customers. So, how can you achieve this? To reach all of your goals in the digital landscape, you must choose the best web hosting service for your platform.

1. Free Web Hosting

Working with a reputable web hosting company in Malaysia is not easy. At times, it can be expensive and complicated. This is the reason why many newbie website owners choose to

free web hosting services. As the name implies, you won’t be charged for this type of

web hosting service, but you must comply with its terms and conditions. In this set up, there isn’t much flexibility, and that all the resources are limited.

2. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the best choice for low-traffic websites and small business owners. You have limited disk space and bandwidth, but the monthly fee is low. It is perfect for those who are just testing the waters of the digital landscape.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are managing an established business or brand, a dedicated hosting plan is the best choice for you. Having a dedicated server means having an entire server for your website. You will be given all of bandwidth and space you need, so you can manage apps and traffic effectively.

4. Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is quite similar to dedicated hosting. You have 100% of the server all for your website. The thing is, you will have your very own server, instead of renting it.

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