Web Design vs. Graphic Design

website design in Malaysia

You might be asking what the distinction is between graphic design and web design if you’re new to design. Are they interchangeable or do they necessitate whole separate skill sets? In this post, we’ll define each role’s responsibilities before discussing the significant distinctions between them. 

website design in Malaysia

What is web design (website design)?

In the creation and management of websites, website design in Malaysia involves a wide range of talents and disciplines. Web graphic design, interface design, authorship (both standardised code and proprietary software), user experience layout and search engine optimisation are all components of web design. Many people will work in teams to cover various areas of the design process, while some designers will handle all of them. 

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the practice of integrating typography, photography, and illustration to communicate visually and solve problems. Although it is a subset of visual, communication as well as communication design the phrase “graphic design” is occasionally used interchangeably. Graphic designers produce visual representations of concepts and messages by combining symbols, pictures, and text. They construct visual compositions using typography, visual arts, plus page design approaches. 

Differences between web design and graphic design.

  • Technical skills

Technical skills are the fundamental distinction between graphic designers and web designers. Web designers must understand HTML, CSS, and how to make a design work on the internet. Traditional graphic design allows you to modify your design without being restricted. However, when it comes to web design, technological limits such as file size and load time must be considered.

  • Load times, as well as file sizes, are important to web designers

Web designers are concerned with aesthetics and ideas, but they are also concerned with optimization. Images, motion graphics, animations, and other graphic components should be attractive and load rapidly on all devices. Long load times result in a poor user experience and a high rate of bounce. The only time graphic designers should be concerned about file size is when they’re trying to cram a large advertising banner into the trunk of their small car. 

  • Graphic design is permanent, whereas web design is dynamic

Graphic design is lasting in many ways. You can’t make any modifications to a book cover or a poster once it’s been printed. Web design, on the other hand, is a fluid medium. It can evolve and adapt due to its power and flexibility. A company’s website could undergo a complete revamp every few years. Design trends change, and a company must stay current. 

  • Typography is a challenge for web designers

Graphic designers can utilize almost any typeface they choose without worrying about how it will appear in the end product – as long as the printer is reputable. Web designers, on the other hand, must consider how the text will appear on various displays and browsers. Fortunately, the addition of the @font-face rule to CSS has opened up a greater range of font options. Web designers can also use tools like Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts to expand their typography palette.

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