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How To Have Fun Through Music


Music has always been a huge part of our lives. Moms used to comfort their crying child by singing and some people listen to music all the time in order to ease their anxiety or boost their mood. There are so many genres of music out there such as pop, rock, jazz and country music. People’s preference to music genre differs from one to another since everyone was born with a different personality and interest. It is amusing how your personality can actually affect your preference to music genres. For example, those who prefer dance music are usually the out-going and energetic type who loves being around people. The introverts, meanwhile, like classical music since they like to listen to meaningful lyrics they can relate to and ponder about. Nevertheless, music is very fun but it’s not limited to listening to music only. There are other activities you can try if you are fans of music.

Doing Song And Dance Covers

This is the time for you to flaunt your singing or dancing skills. Doing a dance cover means you will spend your time having fun moving your body to the beat of the song and even adjusting some parts of the choreography.  Having a dance crew makes this a hundred times more entertaining since you can do more song covers with the help from your team. Not only is it a good hobby to pick up, but it even allows you to exercise and keep your body slim. Moving on to song covers, the best part of this is that you can gain new skills by learning an instrument like guitar or piano. Just a plain song cover might be boring, so it might do you good if you show off your skills to play an instrument while singing.

Collecting Vinyl Records

More and more people have been purchasing vinyl records from the stores across the country. Those with interest in music should try this since it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you go through your personal collection. Hunting for some rare vinyl records could be very entertaining as you can exchange vinyl records among other avid music lovers and get more friends along the way. In a way. Music really connects people with each other. Moreover, vinyl records are very high in value especially to those who appreciate music. This is why people even go to the extent of buying them through eBay or auctions just to get their hands on the vinyl records they want.


If song covers are done to increase popularity and please the listener’s eardrums, then karaoke might be the opposite. No matter how bad your singing skills are, you are always welcome to sing in the karaoke sessions. It is such a good way for the music lovers to sing all their favorite songs without any worries of being criticized publicly. Karaoke is such a good activity for families and friends as you can sing to your heart’s content with the soundproof rooms and complete equipment.


In a nutshell, these are some of the ways you can have fun through music. Remember to enjoy while polishing your passion for music! At this point, you can forget all about your online gaming or mega888

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