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7 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups

When you are running a business or a company, it is important nowadays to have your own mobile app for your customers to use.

Since the market is over-saturated now with different apps, it might be difficult for startups to design their own that will meet the demands of consumers.

However, you do not need to worry about that because, in this article, I am going to go over some mobile app development  tips, specifically for startups.

  • What Platform?

There are currently two widely used mobile platforms: Android and iOS. Both of them are different and if you’re going to create an app, you should focus on one operating system first.

I know that you want to cater to as many people as possible, but doing that as a startup can be costly and time-consuming.

Therefore, the best option for you to take is to know what a mobile app developer malaysia would use, you’re going to start first and then expand to other agencies later on.

  • Find What People Like and Dislike

What interests most people? You will not know until you ask them. Conduct surveys to see what the vast majority of consumers want in an application.

If you’re creating a shopping app, for example, ask people what features they want to be included in it.

Do not go overboard and put too many features on it that it becomes crowded and not intuitive to use. Choose only the top things that people want and then only implement those.

  • Make it Compatible for Offline Use

Most apps nowadays make use of the internet for seamless integration. Whether people want to stream and listen to music or if they want to read their favorite pages on the web, a connection must be established.

However, there are instances where a data connection is not possible; maybe because of poor data signals or no WiFi connectivity present in the area.

If you could make your app compatible for offline use, meaning, even if the application loses data connection, it can still be used, albeit, with some features unavailable until the connectivity resumes, then that would be awesome.

  • Make it Aesthetically Pleasing

No one wants to look at a dull and boring app. Make sure to use a color and design scheme that is pleasing to the eyes.

Furthermore, you could add in some animations on splash or login pages. However, it is advised not to use them too much to save data and time.

  • Use SEO

Some app developers not only invest time in creating the program; they also invest their resources in making sure that people know of the app.

SEO is one of the ways you can market your app. If you do not know the best practices, hire a team that can do so.

  • Hire Competent Developers

Speaking of a team, as a company, you should hire competent developers. Hire a team of coders that you can assign to create you an app that suits your company and your consumer’s needs.

  • Check Often for Updates

From time to time, Google and Apple release new versions of their popular mobile operating systems. New systems would mean more new features for you to explore and possibly implement. Be sure to check often for new updates and if there is a functionality that you feel that would improve your app, then add those as well.


As a startup, it is in your best interest to focus on only one thing first. Conduct surveys to know what people want, hire competent developers, use SEO to market your app, are just some of the tips that you should consider when creating your program.

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