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5 Things to Work on to Get More Engagement on Social Media

Taking from the State of Social Engagement in 2017 data, only 2% of brands practice consistency when responding to their audience’s posts. To add up to that, Nielsen reported that roughly 95% of brands are merely broadcasting things and not creating engagement among followers. If you are a brand stuck in a “broadcast” mode, you need to work on improvements on various aspects of social media marketing. Below are the top 5 tips to help you out:

1.Schedule content when your audiences are most active.

There are lots of social media marketing tools out there to help you automate things. You can control when to publish, based on your analytics. There are tools that will give you insights about your audience. You can take advantage of this to know the ideal time for publishing your content on social media.

2.Produce the appropriate content for the right audience.

You have to tailor your content if you are really eager to have a better engagement with your targeted audience. In Facebook, there’s a tool called “Preferred Audience” that lets you deliver your content tailored to a targeted audience. It’s based on these individuals’ interests. For your inactive customers on Twitter, you can give them discounts in exchange for a visit to your site.

3.Use the power of words to entice your audience.

Visual content are the leading types of content these days. But there are still a lot of people who enjoy reading posts. How-to articles as well as tips in using your product will surely be a hit among your followers. Anything that gives value to your customers are good ideas for blog posts. You can share links that will direct your followers to your blog or website. If you want to go beyond blogging, you can do vlogs or video blogs to tell a story.

4.Come up with a unique content for each platform.

Twitter has a limited word count so you can’t just simply copy your lengthy Facebook posts because it will be cut short. Also, a Facebook post with too many hashtag is not going to work. To avoid these kinds of mistakes, create a plan before posting to different platforms. Don’t forget that there is no one size that fits all when producing content for different types of social media net.

5.Provide the best content for your followers.

Up to this day, user-generated content is still the leading source for starting engagement. Incorporating user-generated content ro your campaigns make your followers feel that they belong and they are a part of your brand experience. For this, you can take advantage of apps that help you see highly shared content based on certain keywords. There are also apps that can help you pull brand-related content from different platforms so you can use it for your own content.

When you have the ambition to become a bigger brand and exceed your followers’ expectations, you have to work on engaging your customers first. Your ability to create an engagement with your followers will have a big impact on your good reputation online.

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