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Men’s Health’s 20 Greatest Ever Sex Tips


  1. Watermelon is a characteristic of Viagra. A 110g serving generally contains 150mg of citrulline, which will expand the span of intercourse by 3.8 minutes. Five per day just got significantly all the more intriguing. 
  2. Cheddar contains multiple times all the more stirring phenylethylamine (PEA) than chocolate. Make it progressively sexy and less Dairylea, with a fondue set. 
  3. That skinful the previous evening makes sex surprisingly better than a bacon sarnie. The liquor in your blood extends veins and keeps blow streaming to the penis. 
  4. Make your morning-after far and away superior to the prior night – with salmon. It’s high in arginine, which drags out excitement. Serve it on fried egg on toast. 
  5. Polish off a feast with some crusty fruit-filled treat. The US aroma excites our British roses, expanding her genital affectability by up to 24%. 
  6. Increment your sperm check by up to 74% by normally eating a scope of zinc-rich foods, for example, hamburger, walnuts, and pine nuts. 

Way of life 

  1. The rush truly is in the pursuit. Running 3.5 hours out of every week supports sex drive by 75%. 
  2. Crush in some press-ups and sit-ups. Solid men have a normal four more sexual accomplices than their less muscle-bound brothers. 
  3. Get a couple of additional winks. Dozing for longer permits the body to create more testosterone, which expands your sex pills drive. 
  4. Do it on the couch every so often. Curiosity creates more dopamine, giving a more grounded climax. Except if your flatmates are in obviously. 
  5. Stress wrecks your sex drive. Counter this and increment bloodstream to your penis by cleaning up at 38°C – welcome her in, as well. 
  6. End table writing. She’s outwardly titillated by indistinguishable sights from you – ensure it’s high-forehead sexual: think Taschen, not Razzle. 
  7. Discover a young birthday lady praising all the threes. This is where a woman contacts her sexual pinnacle on account of topping drive and experience. 



  1. Kivin strategy: put two fingers either side of the clitoris, clearing your tongue to and fro while applying strain to her perineum. 
  2. Back rub the oil with primrose oil and nutrients C and E will build her sexual want and the recurrence of climaxes. 
  3. Delicate gnawing carries blood to the skin’s surface, making you increasingly touchy to contact, which means you both come all the more rapidly. 
  4. For better climaxes, engage in sexual relations doggy style. The force is 18% more grounded right now. It straightforwardly invigorates the frenulum. 
  5. The Coital Alignment Technique permits synchronous climaxes. Lift yourself up, so the base of your penis reaches her clitoris. 
  6. 6 out of 10 women are quick to have a go at something new however are hesitant to make some noise. On the off chance that she’s investigating your eyes, she needs you to take control. 
  7. Back rub after sex keeps up the progression of the vibe great hormone oxytocin so she’ll climax simpler the second (and third, and fourth…) time around.

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